Rental Car Ticket

Recently, you rented a vehicle through a major car rental agency.
During the term of your rental, the vehicle you rented incurred a toll charge or a traffic or parking violation. Per your contract with the car rental company, you authorized the company to provide your billing details to ATS Processing Services so that you could be billed for tolls, violations, fines, and/or penalties, and for related fees. To view details of the toll(s) or violation(s), please follow the log-in instructions on this page.

How do I pay or print a copy of my invoice?
Follow the log-in instructions on this page to view or print a copy of the toll charge(s) and/or violation citation(s) or ticket(s), or make a payment online.

How can I dispute a charge?
If you feel it is necessary to dispute a charge, you may be required to provide proof supporting your dispute. Please click here and follow the dispute instructions.

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